The 4th factor. 

Location based authentication.


Now, where you are along with who you are determines what you can do.


The core of our technology.

Sentinel™ is as sure of where you are as fingerprints are as sure of who you are.


Our proprietary algorithms compare inputs from various sensors on a mobile device to detect erroneous or fake sources of location, assuring access, data and functionality is not executed in the wrong location.

Sentinel™ prompts the device and user to preform specific actions which confirm the precise location of both. These actions are triggered based upon the rules, permissions and physical space that you wish to provide access within.

Sentinel™ seamlessly connects laptops, desktops to authenticated devices and 

Sentinel's spatial recognition capability is fully functional off line or connected to the WHITECYBER cloud.

Along with the location determination features of Sentinel, our process manager minimizes battery drain, controls background processing, cache functions and predictability of use.


Library & Caching of survey resources.

Survey of new space and verification of authenticated space either embedded within your UEM or as a stand-alone application.

Oversight of spatial enrollment remotely through any video conference platform.

Protects sensitive data on computer by linking to a Sentinel™ enabled device.


Location Authentication.

Control the space. Physically and digitally.

Location authentication is more than another factor in the process. When the physical space is authenticated you then control the space. 

Once authenticated, the location becomes functional on multiple levels. 

1). As part of your MFA, Sentinel™ elevates authentication confidence to levels not available before.

2). Device functionality can be controlled by authenticated location.

3). Data access can be controlled by authenticated locations.

4). Remote user access can be controlled by location.

5). Simple process to pair multiple devices within a authenticated location.


Use Cases


Device Management

Layered into your existing mobile device management solution program bringing spatial control to device functionality and data access room by room, floor by floor.


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