“A new authentication factor using physical space”

You have architected a network security platform to protect against threat and secure your data.


Are your documents safe?


Have you secured the “space”?


The physical space.


Two questions to determine if Kript is right for your organization.

1- Do you store any documents in the cloud, on-prem, in hard drives or external storage?


2- Does your staff retrieve these documents?

If you answered “yes” to either, it’s time to take access authentication to the highest level.

Physical space authentication creates a high confidence addition to your existing multi-factor authentication process.

Once installed the space is pre-enrolled by your team (using WHITECYBER’s registry) or on-site enrollment of the space by the user.


Enrollment is simple. Using biometrics and reality initiators the space is enrolled.


Documents are scanned within the enrolled space or saved within established work groups for retrieval.


Users are notified when documents are available within an authenticated space.


If the space is not authenticated, there is no document.


Spatial Security

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